There’s no denying it- Delaware’s criminal justice system is not working.

Delaware has the 11th highest incarceration rate. Our crowded prisons lack the rehabilitative and career advancement resources to ensure successful re-entry into society. This means that more often than not, folks who have already served their time end up back in prison, contributing to Delaware’s above-average recidivism rate. Mass incarceration tears families and neighborhoods apart, and it hurts our economy. Imagine all the resources we could pour into our public schools and community centers with the amount of money it takes to incarcerate just one individual for a year. We must rethink how the Department of Justice operates, in order to make real changes and provide real justice for the people of Delaware.


Above all, the Attorney General must prioritize public safety in each of our state’s diverse communities. My vision for a safer Delaware is simple:

I will fight to end mass incarceration.

The process of “decarcerating” Delaware will pave the way for ex-offenders to return home, contribute to the economy, and restabilize their neighborhoods.

I will strive to reduce our high rate of recidivism.

Our prisons should be equipped to rehabilitate and provide job training skills so that no one who has served his or her time ends up behind bars for a second time.

I will not seek the death penalty in any instance.

This sentence has not been proven to deter crime, it disproportionately affects low-income and minority offenders, and it imposes a high cost on the state.

I will establish fairer bail policies that effectively end cash bail. 

Our current bail system needlessly imprisons low-risk and non-violent offenders and is unable to keep criminals with deep pockets or connections to gangs, traffickers, or other nefarious organizations off the streets to prevent them from continuing to commit crimes until their trial.

I will stand up to the gun lobby.

Action must be taken to implement progressive and reasonable gun controls immediately.

I will treat urban gun violence as the public health crisis that it is.

Direct investment in lifesaving prevention and intervention programming for both youth and adults is imperative for the safety of our most vulnerable communities.

I will continue to bring attention to the opioid epidemic- an issue that has been overlooked in communities of color for decades.

Prison should not be the first stop for someone suffering from serious addiction issues.

I will commit to ensuring environmental justice for our hardest hit coastal and leased land communities.

Almost 90% of Delaware’s waterways are contaminated. Polluters both in Delaware and upstream must be held accountable and we must fight for a solution to this crisis.

I will champion the rights of consumers and protect the assets that hardworking Delawareans have spent their careers earning.

Predatory lending and internet-based threats are just two types of fraud that terrorize everyone, from our students to our seniors and everyone in between.

I will stand up to the draconian policies coming from the desk of the President of the United States.

State attorneys general are often the last line of defense against the deregulation and rollbacks coming from Washington, D.C. in the Trump era.


I will seek justice for those who our justice system leaves behind.