Chris Johnson: Attorney, Community Organizer, Reformer

As a progressive Democrat who believes in civil rights and equal opportunity, I have spent my entire career as an attorney fighting voter suppression. I began my work in voter protection over a decade ago when I joined the Obama for America Legal Protection Team, and have been working to increase voter turnout in every election since. Our democracy thrives when more voices join the conversation.

I am a proud graduate of the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics at the University of Delaware and the Delaware Law School at Widener University. My wife, Kate, and I live on the west side of Wilmington, where I serve as Vice-Chair for the Wilmington Democratic Party. I also sit on the Executive Committee of the Delaware State Bar Association and the Board of Directors of the Delaware Center for Justice.

I am a Delawarean by choice. Having lived, worked, and volunteered here for years now, I am all too familiar with the major problems that plague our neighborhoods: lack of job opportunities; underperforming public schools; rampant crime and drug abuse not only in the City of Wilmington, but throughout many overshadowed communities in all three counties.

From my time in private practice and through my years of public sector litigation, I have seen from many angles the strengths and weaknesses of Delaware’s legal system. I am seeking to become Delaware’s next Attorney General, because I know that it is time for a change. Please take a look at my vision for a safer Delaware, and join me in my pursuit of justice-based reform.

With gratitude,